Top 10 Jobs in Kelowna for Recent Graduates

In 2018, Okanagan Valley has become the land of opportunity. Mostly this is particularly true for new graduates searching for work in the Kelowna area. If you are a local graduate seeking employment, you should definitely consider the following jobs in Kelowna.

Real Estate Agent

Kelowna’s housing market has seen an impressive boom in the past year as citizens depart Vancouver’s overpriced housing market in search of greener (and more affordable) pastures. As a result, the need for new talent in the Kelowna Real Estate industry has never been greater.

Programmer or Software Analyst

The tech industry in Kelowna has grown into a 1.3 billion dollar industry, and is known as B.C.’s very own Silicon Valley. Because of resources such as  Accelerate Okanagan help to draw in tech businesses from around the globe, there’s no better time or place to be a graduate in computer science.

Tour Guide / Tourism Associate

With its sunny weather, nearby wineries, and beautiful Okanagan lake, it’s no wonder that Kelowna enjoys a booming tourism industry. Therefore, there are many opportunities to serve in tourism, ranging from guided boat tours, wine tasting servers to instructing at ski resorts.

Healthcare Administrator

Majority of job vacancies are located in the city’s General Hospital and the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine, whose campus is located in (remove-South Central) Kelowna. As a result,  Healthcare industry currently accounts for 27% of all job vacancies in the Kelowna area.

Horticulture Specialist

One of Kelowna’s biggest economic assets is its agriculture. The Okanagan area is a thriving expanse of farmland that includes wineries, lavender farms, and various types of orchards. Due to this factor, any student with a background in horticulture or agriculture will find many opportunities awaiting them in Kelowna.

Civil Engineer

The B.C. government expects to see as many as 6000 or more jobs in the construction industry by 2025. This is the ideal role for the graduate with a civil engineering degree or diploma in construction technology.

Marketing Strategist

Kelowna and its surrounding area is teeming with new businesses and entrepreneurs. Due to this, startup businesses are looking for a talented marketing strategist who can get the word out about their service or product.

Human Resources Specialist

More jobs in Kelowna create a greater need for H.R. specialists. Furthermore, B.C. government predicts this sector will see a considerable increase in employment opportunities within the next 5-10 years.


Kelowna’s growing community needs architects to design and create plans for new buildings, whether they be commercial, institutional, or residential. Architects require a three-year internship and an exam with the provincial association. However, the effort is worth it; the government predicts there will be over 1400 jobs for architects by 2025.

Sales Executive

Getting into sales is a great opportunity for the extroverted business administration graduate who loves to connect with people face to face. Today, every business needs outside sales associates who are adept at meeting potential clients and closing deals.


Regardless of industry or field of study, there is no shortage of exciting  opportunities for different jobs in Kelowna.

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