How to Hire the Right Cultural-Fit for your Company

Some candidates look great on paper; they have all the education, experience, and skills needed to do the job well. But equally important as skills, is the candidate’s personality and how to hire the right fit, so that candidates work well the rest of the team.  

Unfortunately, judging culture-fit can be the hardest task of all. In fact, more than half of resource managers admit to misjudging personality fit with work environment. The wrong fit can result in decreased productivity, low morale, and high turnover.

Consider a few of the following strategies when hiring for your corporate culture:

Include a complete mission statement with the job description

Be as descriptive as possible in your job description, not just about what the task entails and the type of liaison required for the position, but about the kind of place your company is and the long term company vision. The more detail you include, the more likely you are to attract the right candidates to the job.

Conduct a group interview

Some employers find value in conducting a “culture interview” when they think they have found a candidate who is the right fit. This process involves arranging some a meet-and-greet between some of your staff members and the candidate. The feedback you get from your team after the interview can be invaluable to determining how well they will fit in with the group.

How to hire a temp to perm

Hiring a temp to start can viewed as a “working interview”, during which you can gauge first hand how well they work with your team. If they meet (or surpass), all your expectations, you can then decide to hire them full-time with confidence that you are making the right decision.  

Use an agency with a guarantee

Platinum Recruiting offers a 90 day guarantee on permanent placements. In the event that candidate does not work out long-term for your company, we’ll find a replacement free of charge.


Using a few key recruiting strategies, you can greatly reduce – if not completely eliminate –  the risk of hiring the wrong candidate for your work culture. Having a expert placement agency in your corner is one of the easiest steps you can take! Contact us today.