Your Perfect Career


As human beings, many factors contribute to our sense of self-worth and well-being. Employment is a very important part of our lives as well, and finding the right career will make all the difference for your own happiness. But how do we find that perfect career path? Where to Start

How to Retain Good Employees

Long Term Hiring

There is perhaps nothing more discouraging than hiring and training a top-notch employee, only to have them resign a few months later. Yet in many offices, this scenario is woefully common. The statistics don’t lie: a whopping 65% of employees are likely to resign from their position to pursue another opportunity. A high turnover rate is […]

6 Best Habits to Become a Successful Employee

For the job-seeker, finding the right job can be a daunting task. However, it’s just as important is to perform the job well once you have it! If you want to hit the ground running at your new job and fly through your probation period with flying colours, here are these six habits you should develop […]

How to Hire the Right Cultural-Fit for your Company

Some candidates look great on paper; they have all the education, experience, and skills needed to do the job well. But equally important as skills, is the candidate’s personality and how to hire the right fit, so that candidates work well the rest of the team.   Unfortunately, judging culture-fit can be the hardest task […]