6 Tips for Your First Time Hiring

On paper, finding and hiring an employee seems like a simple enough task: Find a resume that showcases the qualities you’re looking for, bring that person in to meet them, and offer them a job.

But as a lot of new Managers quickly realize, hiring new help is much harder than it looks. Trying to find qualified resumes in a sea of applications can be like finding a needle in a haystack, and spending a few short interview sessions with person is not much to go on when hiring someone to spend so much time with you and your team.

But there are ways to make finding and hiring the right candidate easier. Try these six strategies to help you find and hire your first employee:

Know the Role You’re Hiring For

Put together a detailed job description of the role you are hiring for. If you aren’t involved in those day-to-day activities, enlist the help of someone in that department or who has a role similar to the one you’re hiring for. Make notes on what previous experience or level of education is required. This will help you create a detailed job listing that will attract the right candidates.

Determine Missing Attributes that will Make Your Team Better

Take a hard look at your department and identify the skills you wish your team had more of. Or alternately, what skills or attributes aren’t working in your group. Could you use more employees with critical-thinking skills? Someone with more years experience under their belt? Target the attributes that you believe are most important and use them as a reference point for how suitable a candidate is for the role.

Set Aside Time to Review Resumes

It’s tempting to skim resumes briefly on your computer in attempt to rush through them, but you could miss the best candidates if you don’t take your time. Print off the resumes and set aside a predetermined time in your day to go through them one by one. Expect to spend a considerable amount of time doing this; a job opening can easily yield 75 or more resumes.

Prepare Interview Questions in Advance

Bring in a list of standard questions to each interview to make sure you don’t forget to cover something important. When a candidate is highlighting their best attributes, ask them for examples of how they demonstrated those attributes.

Conduct Second Interviews

It’s difficult to get a firm grasp on how well someone will perform after one short interview. Even if the candidate made a stellar first impression, it’s good practice to have them back for a second interview. Use the second interview to introduce them to other members of the team they’d be working with. The feedback and alternate perspective provided by your team can help you make the final call.

Always do Reference Checks

These days, references are not often included on a candidates resume, but they should always be available upon request. Follow up with your candidates’ references to check facts and get a feel for their character. It’s a good idea to ask references for information as to why a candidate left their last position.


Finding and hiring first employee properly can be a painstaking task to say the least. If time is a resource you simply do not have, consider using a recruitment agency to do the legwork for you. An experienced agency can utilize their team of skilled recruiters to help find the ideal fit for your company.